OPD Distance

OPD Distance - Working with Couples residing overseas AND Successful Interview Techniques

When a celebrant is approached by a couple (or one party) that resides overseas, whether they have the opportunity to sit down for an initial meeting or not, it is imperative the celebrant acts promptly and professionally with the knowledge of the legal requirements necessary for the celebrant to solemnise their marriage according to law in Australia. The couple should feel confident that the celebrant they have contacted is can effectively liaise with them whilst they are overseas regarding the legal aspects and necessary documentation to solemnise their marriage.

Celebrants who want to be successful in their ceremony business, must not only conduct exceptional ceremonies, they must also be excellent salespeople.  The interview process and how it is conducted with a couple can not only be fun and enlightening if you go about it the right way, it will also be the best opportunity to close the sale and gain a new ceremony booking. If a celebrant wants to conduct a stellar interview, then they have to prepare well in advance, make their couple feel at home and ask the right questions at the right time. They require the skills to conduct the couple‚Äôs interview in a way that feels natural and, more importantly, meets their objective of attaining a new ceremony booking.

Course Details

Course date 01-03-2020
Course end date 15-12-2020
Registration Start Date 01-03-2020
Cut Off Date 01-12-2020
Course Fee $143.00
Location Distance - at home