OPD Information

OPD Webinar Information

It's time to book in for one of our amazing OPD sessions for 2020. Life Skills Training is the only RTO to offer the full five hours of OPD via webinar, using the Zoom platform. Free to use, Zoom offers powerful options for training and collaboration, and we're thrilled to be using it in 2020. We'll have more information on this page in the coming days about how to use Zoom, but for the moment, book yourself in for a session:

East https://lifeskillstraining.com.au/opd/opd-webinar-east

Centre: https://lifeskillstraining.com.au/opd/opd-webinar-centre

West: https://lifeskillstraining.com.au/opd/opd-webinar-west

Any of our full day sessions will tick off your OPD requirements for 2020, and you can even have some fun while you're doing it!