OPD 2020 Private Sessions

CARLISLE - Using Interpreters and Translators AND Terms and Conditions

Convenor: Nick Di Camillo

Using interpreters and translators (3 hours)

This topic covers reviewing Section 112 of the Act, and 4.1.2 and 5.9 of The Guidelines related to the use of Interpreters and the various references to the required translation of documents.

We will discuss the difference between the two services and where they can be found so that celebrants know how to refer their couples to find these types of services. It will enable the celebrant to determine when they might use the services of either a translator or interpreter. Examples will be given of when that might be necessary. Then we will discuss how and when that process would take place: Referring the couple to find the service, who completes the forms, and often explaining to the translator how to complete the form/s and when the Celebrant takes possession of the forms, and what happens to the form after the wedding.

Terms and conditions – creating a watertight agreement (2 hours)

We will work through what could be included in a Celebrant’s Terms and Conditions, and the appropriate wording of each item. If you don’t specify terms and conditions you put yourself at risk of uncertainty and misunderstandings – it’s vital to establish the actual arrangement between the two parties involved in any deal. You need to cover yourself, so clients or partners have no opportunity to go back on their word. 

Course Details

Course date Saturday 12 September, 2020 - 9:30 am
Course end date Saturday 12 September, 2020 - 3:30 pm
Course Fee $100.00
Trainer Ingrid Reiger
Carlisle Hotel, Carlisle
174 Rutland Ave, Carlisle WA 6101
Carlisle Hotel, Carlisle
$100.00 2