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WEBINAR - Cultural diversity and rituals AND Legal refresher 2020

9.00am AEST
8.30am ACST
7.00am AWST

Legal refresher 2020 (2 hours)

This will give the participant a refresher in celebrancy law. Not all celebrants have had the opportunity to conduct regular or many ceremonies, or have been unsure of some of the details of their legal responsibilities. This is when insecurities and inconsistencies arise, making it difficult for the celebrant to be confident of their legal responsibilities. This topic aims to provide refresher material, an overview of some of the legal aspects of our work. 

Cultural diversity and rituals (3 hours)

Australia is multi-cultural, with both a multi-religious and non-religious population. Whatever our personal view, as celebrants we have an obligation to work with our socially and culturally diverse couples in a respectful and honest manner.  

This activity will assist celebrants in understanding what barriers, if any there might be to cultural inclusion in a ceremony they co-create with their couple.  It can be as simple as knowing that some cultures frown on public displays of affection; others may wish to have traditional rites or rituals included. The celebrant needs to fully understand the meaning of these rites or cultural rituals in order to show proper respect to each of the rites they are to include in the ceremony.

Course Details

Course date Thursday 03 September, 2020 - 9:00 am
Course end date Thursday 03 September, 2020 - 3:00 pm
Course Fee $165.00
Trainer Charyl Walsh
Zoom - online webinar
Zoom - online webinar
$165.00 12