OPD Webinar instructions

OPD Webinar Information

I know webinars are new and a bit scary for some of the celebrant community, so below i've provided step-by-step instructions on using Zoom for your OPD Webinar. I hope you'll find it relatively straightforward and user friendly!


Equipment: computer with speakers, internet connection (approx 600MB of data for the day), microphone and/or webcam if you have them (not required, just nice to have)


1. Register and pay for your session as normal through the Life Skills Training (LST) website, www.lifeskillstraining.com.au:

Picture 1


2. In the week before the session you will receive an email from LST asking you to register in advance of the session. I need you to do this so that I capture the details of who has attended for reporting to the Attorney General’s Department. The email you receive will look at bit like this:

Picture 2 

3. Click on the link in that email, and you’ll see this screen:

Picture 3 

4. Fill in your details, remembering to ensure your first name, last name and A number are exactly as they appear on the Attorney-General’s register of marriage celebrants:

Picture 4


5. The next screen will show you the details of the session you’re registered for and enable you to add it to your calendar. You can go ahead and close that screen. 

Picture 5 

6. You’ll also receive an email confirming your registration; this email will also contain the links to add the meeting to your calendar, as well as the password for the meeting:

confirmation email 

7. If you want to get prepared on a day before the session, you can download the Zoom Client for Meetings to your computer from this link. Make sure you click on the downloaded file and click Run to finish the installation, and make sure you enter your name when prompted so that we know who you are:



8. Watch this great video and read the article about how to join the meeting, and join a test meeting to have a practice if you like:



7. On the day of the event, click on the meeting link in the confirmation email you received or in your calendar event. The meeting link is the one after the line in the email that says, “Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.”

confirmation email 

8. If you’ve never used Zoom before, you can download the Zoom app from their website by following the instructions above, otherwise a browser will open with a popup asking you to download Zoom. 


9. If you’ve already got Zoom loaded on your computer, when you click on the meeting link, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you want to open the Zoom application. Click “Open zoom.us”:

launch zoom 

10. The Zoom Meeting Client app will pop up; enter the password and you’ll be in the meeting! Hopefully you’ll be able to see your trainer straight away, but you’ll automatically have your camera off and your microphone off when you join the meeting. You can turn your microphone and camera on (if you have them) using the controls at the bottom left of the meeting client. Here’s a great video and article about configuring your audio and video:


Please note a microphone or a camera is not compulsory; you can participate through your keyboard in a chat window, and we don’t HAVE to see your face. Please don't spend any extra money to make this happen!  


11. My preference is that you leave your microphone on mute for the session, but you can turn your camera on if you'd like to.

Picture 9

Picture 10 

12. You can ask a question at any time during the session by typing it in the chat window. Please choose Everyone for your chats so everyone can see what questions are being asked, in case they have the same question. The trainer will read them out and answer them as they go. You can save the chat transcript at any time by choosing the More menu and clicking Save Chat.

Picture 11


13. The trainer will be testing your knowledge throughout the session by launching polls. The poll will appear on your screen, and you can choose your answer then click Submit at the bottom of the Quick Poll box. You MUST respond to ALL polls launched; this is how I will report your attendance to MLCS. Nobody will see who has answered what except me, so don’t be shy!

Picture 12


14. During the session you'll split into groups using the Breakout Rooms feature. You may want to switch your microphone and/or camera on for these activities, or you may agree as a group to continue to use the chat function for your discussion. You’ll get an invitation to join the Breakout Room, just click Join.

join breakout room


15. If you need help while in the Breakout Room, click Ask for Help and confirm you need the trainer by clicking Invite Host. 

ask for help button

ask for help