HILLARYS - Writing Creative Fresh Ceremonies AND Legal Refresher 2020

This will give the participant a refresher in celebrancy law. Not all celebrants have had the opportunity to conduct regular or many ceremonies, or have been unsure of some of the details of their legal responsibilities. This is when insecurities and inconsistencies arise, making it difficult for the celebrant to be confident of their legal responsibilities. This topic aims to provide refresher material, an overview of some of the legal aspects of our work. 


Sitting down to write and work on a couple’s wedding ceremony can, at times, be overwhelming - it's an empty document expectantly staring at you.  You get that final university paper feeling with the cursor blinking in your face.  You know there are a bunch of components in a wedding ceremony, but which ones should you include?  And which ones need to be included to make the marriage legal? Based on three case studies, this course will assist celebrants to compose wedding ceremonies in Five Steps to ensure the ceremony is both creative, unique and includes their couple’s wishes and requests:

  1. Find the style
  2. Find the tone & the “theme”
  3. Decide which elements of the ceremony the celebrant needs to include (other than the legal components)
  4. Compose a ceremony for each of the three couples making them unique and relevant to each couple!
  5. Ceremony Timing

This course provides celebrants with both the knowledge to professionally and creatively compose ceremonies with a new appreciation and perception as to how they can achieve this objective.

Course Details

Course date Sunday 08 November, 2020 - 9:30 am
Course end date Sunday 08 November, 2020 - 3:30 pm
Course Fee $195.00
Trainer David Carey
Hillarys Yacht Club, Hillarys
65 Northside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025
Hillarys Yacht Club, Hillarys
$195.00 38